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Minerva Project

Measurement, analysis and innovative management of sustainable technologies for the
production of wine and the supply chain MINERVA

Objectives of the project
This project aims to implement sustainability practices and protocols in the integrated viticulture chain of the Lambrusco and Pignoletto. The overall objective is to promote, through the application of good practices and a set of indicators, scientifically consistent and validated, the sustainable viticulture, and to nudge the adoption of a territorial recognition mark, strengthen image and competitiveness of the Wineries in the markets and enhance the territory, reducing tat the same time he economic and environmental risk associated with farm business activity and achieving better profit margins and quality productions.
Expected results
The sustainability protocol that will be set up, will enable better and more profitable winery management strategies regarding the use of water, fertilizers and pesticides, maintenance and improvement of the agroecosystem's biodiversity and soil compaction, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production chain and increased carbon sequestration, with obvious positive repercussions on the entire wine-growing landscape of the area and the environment.
Activities description
Analysis and application of the 4 indicators of the VIVA ministerial protocol for measuring sustainability performance and definition of correct use of production factors criticalities and strengths. On the basis of the highlighted "criticalities", and with the objective of reduction of point source contamination, the application of innovative solutions will follow, in a continuous and traceability improvement of environmental performances perspective.
A report will then be prepared, in accordance with the protocol provisions, for each indicator, which may be submitted to a third-party verification body and authorized by MATTM that could allow to a certified and recognized label.